Kia Carnival Owners Manual

Disarmed stage
Features of your vehicle / Theft-alarm system / Disarmed stage

The system will be disarmed when

  • The doors (and tailgate) are unlocked with the transmitter (or smart key) or the ignition key.
  • Pull the power sliding door out handle while the power door ON/OFF button is ON (not depressed).

After depressing the unlock button, the hazard warning lights will blink and the chime will sound twice (in smart key) to indicate that the system is disarmed.

After depressing the unlock button, if any door (or tailgate) is not opened within 30 seconds, the system will be rearmed.


  • Avoid trying to start the engine while the alarm is activated. The vehicle starting motor is disabled during the theft-alarm stage.
    - If the system is not disarmed with the transmitter, insert the key into the ignition switch, turn the ignition switch to the ON position and wait for 30 seconds. Then the system will be disarmed.
    - If the system is not disarmed with the smart key, press the engine start/stop button with smart key. The side with the lock button should contact the engine start/stop button directly.
  • If you lose your keys, consult your authorized Kia dealer.

Kia Carnival: Disarmed stage. CAUTION - Adjusting alarm system CAUTION - Adjusting alarm system

Do not change, alter or adjust the theft-alarm system because it could cause the theft-alarm system to malfunction and should only be serviced by an authorized Kia dealer.


Malfunctions caused by improper alterations, adjustments or modifications to the theft-alarm system are not covered by your vehicle manufacturer warranty.

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